Virginie Morillo belongs to those creative multitaskers who wildly create and innovate: her interdisciplinary practice takes the form of sculptures, drawings, photographs, events, installations and, more recently knitting.


For her first knitwear collection entitled Jah Rules, she combines DIY aesthetics with art in a manner both highly personal and thoroughly embedded in contemporary culture. Jah Rules is a techno rave-inspired collection — where each piece is knitted by hand and is unique — featuring psychedelic prints, cheesy and graphical symbols as well as eccentric looks.


What at first looks like a strong overstatement that treads a fine line between art, role play, traditional craftsmanship, marketing is at the same time a trenchant observation of the art scene, and a plea for artistic experiment. As is typical of Virginie‘s work, this project is fun, young and tongue-in-cheek.


June 2013, by Sophie Yerly